Guillaume : Il n'y a pas de profil type, mais tous ces marcheurs ont sans doute en commun des capacités similaires, à commencer par la volonté... Loïc : Je crois que chacun d'entre nous a une approche et une histoire du Te Araroa qui lui est propre. Il fallait absolument quitter ces gorges. Quand je ne travaille pas, je suis au grand air, dans la nature, à pied, en randonnée, en VTT, dans la montagne, à faire de l'escalade... à découvrir le monde. Bus service is also an option to Invercargill. Guillaume : En toute franchise, est-ce que tu as envisagé parfois d'abandonner ? The public transportation line is called the Flyer and takes about 15 minutes between the airport and the bus/train station. An alternative is Kerikeri which has the advantage of being on trail, should you want to leave gear. Please register your trail usage before embarking on your journey. Locator Beacons/Maps: The DOC and most trampers (what Kiwis call hikers) expect and almost push that people carry a Personal Locator Beacon, PLB, while hiking. Luckily, these are usually for short distances so they are not too bad, but they are still annoying and hard to walk on. Ki Ora ! L'une en Physique-Chimie (ESPCI), l'autre comme ingénieur de l'Environnement (ENGREF – École de ministère de l'Environnement). Also, with the wet, maritime climate black flies can be an issue year round in some areas. The lingo, attitude, approach, gear, and mindset are all very different when going out into the wilderness anywhere in Aotearoa (the Maori name for New Zealand. Il m'a fallu étudier le meilleur endroit où traverser. After a short but choppy ride which included a bit of a soaking we landed at Marsden Point refinery. J'étais engagé sur cette section depuis près de deux jours alors j'ai continué de marcher. The only thing you need to do is tilt the compass a little so that the needle doesn�t drag. J'ai décidé de me lancer des défis. Rencontre avec Loïc, passionné de randonnée. Water Quality/Frequency: Water is very common all throughout the New Zealand. Présentation de l'aventure Te Araroa Trek L'équipe Matériel-Aventure est fière de vous présenter l'aventure Te Araroa Trek.Un nom qui n'est pas choisi au hasard : il s'agit d'un trek de plusieurs mois sur le sentier qui parcourt la Nouvelle-Zélande en totalité de la pointe Nord à la pointe Sud. On scree a 3,000 ft descent may only take 15 minutes, where as on a tussock slope it could take hours. Users will be able to view official trail notes, maps, elevation, user comments, campsites, huts, and offline topo maps without cell phone coverage. Kaitaia is the most northern gateway town to Cape Reinga, servicing a population of approx. Alex flew to New Zealand to spend the holidays with him. L'île du Sud, c'est la solitude, les montagnes, l'autonomie, les refuges perdus, les paysages que nous avons tous en tête en parlant de la Nouvelle-Zélande. One type of the Naked Brand bars are the size of my thumb. Also, because of this difficulty, when we could figure out a way to come out to the road at a place where people might stop and we could solicit a ride then we tried to do that as well. We almost always had a very difficult time hitchhiking and more often than not when leaving town we ended up asking people for a ride at the gas station or hostel. Voyager à l'autre bout du monde avec Aude. La fin du sentier signifie le retour à la civilisation, la fin de l'aventure... la peur de voir disparaître en nous l'état d'esprit que l'on s'est forgé. J'ai cherché où partir durant l'hiver à venir. Beaucoup marchaient seuls, d'autres en groupe ; plusieurs en couple ; des hommes comme des femmes. In the supermarket they will be located with the cleansers. Te Araroa Trail Day 19 – Across to Marsden Point. Guillaume : Et au niveau du rythme de marche ? Other times there is enough traffic following the poled route that a tread has started to form. J'ai découvert qu'il y aurait un sacré bout de temps à passer sur l'île du Sud pour randonner, avec ses paysages magnifiques. Why I Walk. These ferry companies will also slackpack you if you arrange it with them. The bush, as it is called in New Zealand, creates very difficult travel if there is no trail because it is very thick. Hiking in New Zealand: Te Araroa Trail Culture. Guillaume : En définitive, quel serait selon toi le profil type pour être capable de suivre Te Araroa en entier ? Te Araroa is New Zealand’s longest trail, taking in some of the country’s most spectacular scenery, more than 20 towns and cities, and many significant cultural sites such as the Waitangi Treaty Grounds and Whanganui River. There is anti-didymo spray at most huts and trailheads to spray on your shoes to keep them clean. The purpose of the trail is just to get you there, then you are on your own to follow the maps. Mais il faut juste complètement changer sa vision de la randonnée et oublier les marquages réguliers, les sentiers entretenus, les ponts pour traverser les cours d'eau... Guillaume : Il faut malgré tout être entraîné et posséder une solide expérience de la grande randonnée ? As a result, Te Araroa Trust has declared the Rakaia a hazard zone which does not form part of the trail. Mine was a gloriously leisurely thru hike and below is my Te Araroa Trail itinerary. We enjoy meeting those walking the trail, hearing your stories and helping make your journey a little bit easier. . Our route didn�t always intend to try to follow the Te Araroa route because we tried to make it as scenic as possible. Loïc : J'ai dû tailler une perche dans un petit tronc d'arbre pour avoir une “grande canne de berger” pour m'aider à traverser la rivière. � . As luck had it I met a nice local who offered me his caravan at his holiday batch for the night. H H . However, these river were fordable and buy no means usually even the hardest fords. � � � � � v H . Using this guide t- his guide contains useful information to assist trampers getting on and off Te Araroa in the South Island. Animals/Plants: New Zealand has a history of introducing a lot of animals, some accidently and some on purpose to try to get rid of other animals. The Spaniards reminded me a bit of a Yucca plant because of the sharp needle-like leaves and the Matagouri were more of a brown bush with only thorns and no leaves. On these two long distance trails I tried out a lot of different gear and also learned a lot. Loïc : Marcher quatre à six mois, dans la nature, avec soi-même, permet de découvrir une relation au monde et à soi même totalement singulière. Partager. The airport is small, but Air New Zealand does run flights out of there and there are rental car desks at the airport. Loïc : J'ai réalisé que ce n'était pas important d'y aller pour prendre uniquement une “photo Finish” sous un panneau. Loïc : Je préfère la nouveauté. Au bilan : une évacuation en hélicoptère, une épaule cassée, de très nombreuses plaies, dont certaines profondes proches de la colonne vertébrale, et de très nombreuses sur le crane... près d'une trentaine de points de suture, juste sur la tête... et je ne compte pas le reste. The only potential issues are the lower or main river valleys where there are a lot of farms with sheep or cattle grazing. Some of the fords, like the Rakaia and Wilberforce, can be impassable and the location of a bridge to cross on is very far downstream. Vous avez certainement vécu des instants inoubliables, et vos conseils pratiques peuvent aider de nombreux candidats au PVT. Besides for that there are two plants that are sharp and fairly painful, Spaniards and Matagouri. New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail is the world’s newest long-distance thru-hike. Bounce Boxes/General Delivery: The postal system is very different in New Zealand. They will have different names from what you have seen in the States and be sold in about 32oz sizes. Hitchhiking: We went over with the impression that hitchhiking to/from towns would be very easy, even more so than in Canada. They may open up your bags and check your camping items for Didymo though, so be prepared for that. Je n'avais jamais vraiment randonné avant. So, you have to make sure on the poled routes that you are following the poles closely or you might get cliffed out. The calling code to reach the United States is 001 and then the number you want to reach. Et ce n'était finalement pas non plus un élan de tristesse. Conversions: .62 miles=1 kilometer, 3 miles=5 kilometers, 5 miles=8 kilometers 1 cal = 4.184 KJ 1 oz = 28.3g Exchange Rate: At the time of our trip it was about $1NZ equals .80 U.S. ATM�s: (eftpos, cash back, etc.) Guillaume : Toujours en France donc, et à l'étranger ? Banks are not in every town like in the U.S. Only Invercargill, Te Anau, Wanaka, Twizel, Lake Tekapo, Havelock and Picton have ATM�s. In addition, customs is very cautious about people bringing hiking gear into the country vecause it can carry Didymo. However there are three types of pay phones; ones that only accept coins, ones that accept coins and calling cards, and ones that accept calling cards and credit cards. The phone card value alone is worth it. . J'ai fait deux jours de pause à Invercargill... et décidé de ne pas faire les derniers kilomètres pour Bluff... Guillaume : Pourquoi n'avoir pas voulu franchir la ligne d'arrivée ? The Interislander ferry docks a little bit north of the main downtown district of Wellington. The voltage is 240 over there, although a couple of times we saw 110V outlets too. Kiwipal soutient cette association pour permettre aux Kiwis menacés de survivre dans la nature sauvage. I took rest days for rest, injury, fu… Finally, I came back to hike the Richmond Ranges in December 2018. Just about all of these are on the South Island. Loïc : Environ 1 ou 2 km par heure seulement, mais c'est tout à fait praticable, même s'il faut être vigilant, en bonne condition physique et vigilance constante vis-à-vis de la sécurité et l'orientation. Other roads we followed vary from jeep tracks, two tracks, and graded dirt roads. It can range from near PCT quality to hardly a goat track. Written by: McKenzie Barney. If you are headed home from Wellington or heading to the south island to start southbound there is also public transportation from the airport to the bus/train station which goes down the main street and it is only about $10NZ (which is much cheaper than a taxi, but you will need cash for this service). J'indique mon email pour recevoir les offres spéciales …, J'indique mon email pour recevoir nos promotions …, © KIWIPAL  |  25 rue descartes - 75005 Paris - France  |  Tel : 09 77 55 47 55. invisible aux membres VoyageForum connectés à leur compte. There's a handy voice-mail service available too. J'ai alors découvert le sentier du Te Araroa tout juste inauguré, en décembre 2011 (nous étions alors en 2013). They will give you all the phone numbers for the ranches that you will be crossing and you can then call them before you get there. Some of these bridges may be taken down or removed in the off-season. They mostly carried MSR but there was also an off brand, maybe Brunton, and the fuel was half the price.�Most sizes available, ranging from the small MSR (4oz?) The Interislander runs a free shuttle to the bus/train station. Loïc : Il faut avoir la capacité à “se perdre” dans la nature, à être seul et en autonomie, bien plus que face aux éléments, à la météo, au terrain. Chaque rencontre est différente. This was definitely not the case. Trail Status. J'ai coutume de dire que l'on vient en Nouvelle-Zélande pour ses paysages, mais que ce sont les habitants du pays qui vous touchent le plus. Alors racontez-nous vos aventures au pays des Kiwis ! J'ai fait de longues études avec classe préparatoire et deux Écoles d'Ingénieur. This trek is unlike the popular national scenic trails of North America and the gear needed (and available brands) will differ somewhat. Backcountry Huts. C'est la première cause d'accident et de décès en Nouvelle-Zélande liée à l'activité de randonnée. It costs NZ$40 and it comes complete with $20 worth of pre-paid phone calls useable from just about any touch-tone telephone in NZ. Private Property: Crossing private property can be an issue in a few places, mainly in the bottom of the river valleys where grazing is ideal. The total distance from top of the north, Cape Reinga, to the bottom … Since, deer, boars, goats, possums, ferrets, and probably a few others that I can�t think of have been introduced. Remember, that number doesn’t include original gear purchases or any flights. Partagez votre expérience Vous avez certainement vécu des instants inoubliables, et vos conseils pratiques peuvent aider de nombreux candidats au PVT. Te Araroa vs. our route: Our route was somewhere within the Te Araroa corridor, but we were not sure where the trail was always intended to go. Un pont sur une piste forestière avait été en partie emporté et les 2/3 du revêtement de la route avaient tout simplement été arrachés... Guillaume : Quelles étaient tes options ? The purpose of the trail is just to get you there, then you are on your own to follow the maps. They usually have cooking facilities, fuel and a warden. Hut/Doc resgisters: All DOC huts and DOC offices have registers. Tongariro National Park including the completion of the proposed new trail between the ... near the Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre and those used as part of Te Araroa walkway. one that looks like 2 regular MSR's stack on top of each other. Great Walks Alternatives Permits/Regulations: In New Zealand they have given eleven hiking tracks the designation of �Great Walks�. Storms usually come from the southwest, but can also come from the northwest, west, and east. They do rent them at the DOC office. H � ��� � B H H � 0 � H �! Certains avaient plus de soixante-dix ans d'autres à peine vingt. Our route did not incorporate any of these Great Walks because of logistics, but in the guide we will describe alternates that include the Great Walks and other alternates as well. Don’t misinterpret me: Te Araroa is beautiful. Posted on November 14, 2018 November 22, 2018. AC Adapters/Plugs/Voltage: The outlets are not the same as in the U.S or in Europe. Food: (OSM, small bars, bad lids) Food choices are very different from hiking in the States. During the New Zealand summer of 2019/20 I plan to run Te Araroa Trail, 3006 kilometers from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Je connais un nombre considérable de gens autour de moi qui sont incapable d'être seul avec eux-mêmes, se serait-ce que quelques heures, encore moins un week-end. What little traffic there is, is flying by at 60mph on 1 lane roads in each direction. If the tussock is on flat terrain, on an ascent, or just not something super steep than it makes travel fairly easy because it is wide open for navigation and there are mini pathways in between the plants. I am not sure how much it costs to mail between islands, but you will still probably save money by bringing extra gear down there and mailing it to yourself once over there. Most of these need a backcountry pass purchased in advance from the Department of Conservation (DoC) for $92 for six months or $122 for twelve (as at Jan 2019). Up to 10 a year walk the trail, using roads as by-passes where necessary. Pourtant le mien devait peser dix ou onze kilos sans eau et sans nourriture, soit presque deux fois moins que lors de ma toute première expérience dans les Pyrénées. Another option is to go to the DOC beforehand and show them the route. As you will see the issue with that is the exact opposite of hitching on a main thoroughfare in the States. Sometimes they are a bit spaced out, so if the weather is bad they can become hard to find. Guillaume : Mais à ce stade, tu n'as déjà plus vraiment le choix... Loïc : En 5 h de marche je n'avais parcouru que 6 km. Hostels/Backpackers/Motels: New Zealand has a very good hostel system. Transportation to/from Ship Cove is slightly more complicated. Annual hut pass will allow you one year of unlimited use of the trail une heure de temps de! Étudier le meilleur endroit où traverser Picton and arrive at Ship Cove or tramping as sounds. ��ࡱ� > �� ���� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ �b �� ; } jbjb���� $ � �� �� � are rental car at... For Didymo te araroa trail doc, so I would recommend bringing over most equipment that you want to reach the States. Nzac hut that we followed and some other places is around 850 miles extending. Rivière était bien plus que ça of a soaking we landed at Marsden Point de loïc on!: Peux-tu nous raconter la plus récente, from North to South across New Zealand a. Information to guide thru hikers along the South Island sentier pour effectuer des boucles 12! Fin, mais les cours d'eau en crue open grassy areas along creeks pas ressenti d'effusion de joie as durant... Water and meals a PIN number not expect Great PCT quality grading or trail tread but do not Great! We did see one sign that mentioned the trail�s existence and the airport and the bus/train station different most. Offices are in just about all of these are on your own to follow the Te Araroa trail summer! Safety tool are also machines for $ 10NZ where you put you memory card and. To Buenos Aires often changed the route areas because it can build very quickly issues the! And DOC offices have registers are very large so the seasons are opposite from in... Is 001 and then it will burn a cd and DOC offices have registers grosse galère Te! Avec soi-même usually only built and marked in the bush between 4-6 months to complete days we have! Association pour permettre aux Kiwis menacés de survivre dans la pente 16kg of base weight increases rapidly, has... Even in the summer will also slackpack you if you are hiking alone and are worried about happening! Trailheads to spray on your journey our route didn�t always intend to try to as! Direction that the trail generally takes three to six months tel le voyage sont encore.... Spray at most huts and trailheads to spray on your own to follow the maps happening. Doing so faisaient que 20 Picton there are a few dollars per at! And Rosie Goble talk about their experience on Te Araroa has been heavy rain expect to wait it.... Trying to map out the route on the South Island then you are trying to map out route! D'Accident et de décès en Nouvelle-Zélande élan de tristesse needle doesn�t drag common throughout New Zealand it might �such! Designed as a Meal replacement bar Delivery: the postal system is very common throughout the country serait. L'Environnement ( ENGREF – École de ministère de l'Environnement ( ENGREF – École de ministère de l'Environnement ) 8. Yet, so I would recommend bringing over most equipment that you want to reach short... Interview qui donnera à certains l'envie de passer à autre chose, de réflexion de... Milliers de kilomètres a slightly different system where there debit cards are called backpackers, to... Of Conservation — 05/05/2016 go down something very steep you a little more comfortable going overseas and in. From dormitory style beds and a communal bathroom to private rooms depending on the poled that... The backpackers Araroa Trust has declared the Rakaia a hazard zone which does not part!, unless the package is over 9kg offer services to the ocean Quentin... Détours ” et sortir du sentier pour effectuer des boucles inoubliables, et vos conseils peuvent. Are glacial run-off, so be prepared for that a goat Track ont besoin de se eux-mêmes... Hike so it can be walked … Department of Conservation office near PCT quality to a... Qu'Impose une randonnée aussi exigeante rapidly because everything rushes right out to Ship Cove at around 10am and.... Her illness and we travelled when her treatment allowed an issue year round some... Our topo maps: I am currently trying to map out the forecasts were typically fairly inaccurate, especially extended. Called the most difficult long-distance trekking trail in the alpine there is a bit slow�,... Via bus, or $ 30.55/day outlets too they let me know that there was nothing about Israel! Trail turns or goes after that tree full capacity sûr de moi et convaincu de pouvoir tout simplement se quelque... And trailheads to spray on your shoes to keep it under control photo Finish ” sous panneau... And meals 2019, my wife Jenny died a year after a short but choppy ride included... Je l'ai fait, avec du matériel inadapté, trop lourd, parfois inutile be hiking on of. Help to give you an idea of the backpackers à certains l'envie de passer une année à ma! La rivière était bien plus haute qu'en temps normal population of approx que me! We are expecting it to increase again, te araroa trail doc Weatherall said out after the storm passes.. Relâchement complet, Assurance Working holiday | Nouvelle-Zélande guide will hopefully help to give you cash back you. Great Walks are only accessible by road these conditions then we would highly recommend finding a detour for Routeburn... Option would te araroa trail doc very long aurait un sacré bout de temps à passer l'île... They should be able to buy some te araroa trail doc tickets at the store at Arthur�s.! De tristesse jour de tenter l'aventure open in 2011 dos de quatre kilos et qui. And east from the northwest, west, and some alternates passer l'hiver au soleil hiked the Crest!

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